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* Nanvaent people: Creators

Creators exist to expand the game. They can help characters to an extent - especially where there are bugs in the game; but creators who abuse players will have their status REVOKED. The same goes for creators who help players too much - so don't be offended if a wiz doesn't just hand you lots of cash! Trial Creators are newly promoted Creators.

Alanya Altest
Amaranth Anjou
Arthur Athene
Bayard Bob
Bodshal Bronwen
Cheyen Coward
Cynner Darc
Donatello Edacom
Eiliginn Elastica
Elfie Ellen
Enyanya Executioner
Fairbane Florio
Garthigeld Glade
Grommet Gurgi
Hellknight Herman
Hookooekoo Jeffy
Kelrith Kothoga
Kudde Lancer
Lucel Lycos
Mamista Mandorallen
Mav Mojo
Mouthie Ninjak
Oasic Oblivion
Papaya Pegasus
Queen Ranguard
Ranma Sacadar
Sephrenia Shaune
Shuanti Standar
Strider Tamsin
Tatianna Telamon
Thoren Ulrik
Undergrowth Urizen
Valkyrie Vespasian
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