You look at Foxer

You see Foxer the Amateur Swordsman (nice), You see a short, fit-looking human. He returns the look with warm blue eyes set in a friendly face. His expression troubles you. His face, despite the warmth is bleak and tired, a result of many combats. He smiles at you. A good friend or an enemy to fear.
He is in good shape.
Holding : A torch (lit).
Wearing : Foxer's Wedding Ring, a golden ring of might, a necklace of
teeth, a jet black cloak and an adamantite plate mail.
Carrying : Five torches, a torn page, a steel bastard sword, a piece of
paper, a map of Alexandria, a map of Northern Nanvaent,
a map of Cidri, an ancient map, a map of the Harbour, an
emerald potion, a mauve potion, a green potion, two hand
axes, a silver horn and a lump of salt. His purse is
tinkling with coins.

Yes, this is what I look like! I would be wielding my sword, but it's two handed and as it's night time...

The moon passes behind some clouds.
It is roughly ten past eleven at night.
(Real time here is roughly Fri May 31 10:37:44 1996)
Nanvaent has been up since Fri May 31 01:05:07 1996
Time up is 9 hours and 32 minutes.

You wouldn't be able to see me...
Foxer grins at you.
This isn't really the place to stand about and talk, so lets go somewhere friendlier...
You are on the North Road. To your northeast, a mighty waterfall comes down from the top of the eastern cliff face and disappears soundlessly down into a big hole in the ground. It must be very deep as you can't hear the water hitting anything down there. The road continues around the hole to the northwest and to your southeast it starts a long descent towards the valley.
A strong wind howls around you.
There are two obvious exits : southeast and northwest
Foxer is here.

After a short journey you arrive in the village...
Foxer mutters something about safe ground.
You are standing in the centre of the village square. Numerous shops and businesses lining the square. On the north side of the square lies Cartwrights General Store, McDiddles Inn and a branch of InterFloraNet. To the east is pawn shop, the Nanvaent Tourist Board and a branch of the First National Bank. On the southside of the square is the Post Office and the Phoenix Bar, while on the west side is the Nanvaent Clothing Emporium and the local Church. In the centre of the square, right in front of you, is an impossibly tall bell tower, its slender sides stretching to infinity. At its base is a wide doorway with a sign beside it.
There are nine obvious exits : north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, northwest and in.
Foxer is here.

Foxer lowers his torch and wields a steel bastard sword.
Foxer smiles.

I've been playing Nanvaent for a few months real time now and it is a wonderful place. The sheer size of the mud is unbelievable, and, even now, new areas are added all the time. You will have to play to find out what it is truly like. You'll meet some wonderful people and make some extreamly good friends.

It can be fustrating at times, but it is the same with all worth while things. You'll always come back again and again. I think that this is a wonderful place. And I'll never regret coming here.

Some facts about Foxer

Foxer shows you his score sheet:

You have 3590(3590) hit points, 1698(1698) guild points, 1367(1367) social points and 660(2240) quest points.
Your current experience is 11778, and you have earned 2101178 xps in total. You have died 18 times. You can die 1 more times before you are completely dead.
You are 18 days, 16 hours, 3 minutes and 3 seconds old.
You are in brave mode.

'In Real life'

Foxer grins.
>finger foxer

Login name : foxer Real name : Len Stanway
Birthday : 21st of January Email :
Belongs to the guild of Fighters.
Location: Bradford University
9 mail messages, none unread.
18 days, 16 hours, 31 minutes and 45 seconds old.
On since Fri May 31 10:08:33 1996
Idle for 0 minutes and 0 seconds.
Happy for a reason few will know, and none can guess.

What I've tried to do here is to give you an impression of my character, Foxer, hear on Nanvaent. If you'd like to see what I'm like in real life, then my homepages are located at


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