I like to be talked to about...

  MUSIC (Tori Amos, REM, Eagle-Eye Cherry, rock/classical music.)
  (But please! no-one who just likes pop (Mariah Carey, Britney Aguilera etc... unless they have listened to other music and have formed a useful opinion based on themselves and not on the musics popularity.))

  Books.  I like reading HARD sci-fi, such as Larry Niven, Asimov, Pournelle, Heinlein.

  Religion and Philosophy - Buddhism, Deism, Ouspensky, and general ideas on life, realising self-consciousness, and anything related to conscious distaste of the world around us.  Because we need to learn, my friends, about ourselves.

  Composing music, writing fiction, playing the keyboard and being a journalist... my jobs and hobbies.  Creativity is my skill.

  Please don't talk to me about...

  Pokemon, or childish pursuits like that in which people become totally lost and end up realising they've wasted vast amounts of their time on something that fulfils them none.  This includes any form of escapism that people take to a too high level.

  PC's and how great they are.  They're slow, dull computers that are based on '70's architecture.  Yeah, they're fine for now, but the future see us moving away from such beige boxes and I'm only glad.  Glad!  I say.

  How Star Trek TRULY IS "true" Sci-Fi, which invented the theories behind modern physics.

  How Star Wars is a "moral epic" with a "great storyline".  !!!It's a children's film!!! AND NOT AS GOOD AS MOST PEOPLE WANT IT TO BE.  Yeah, it's a good action film. But no more.

  Drugs.  I take none, for personal reasons (ask if you wish), but I think ALL non-medical (and even some medical) drugs are a waste of time, money, and everything else.

  And, THIS IS IMPORTANT, I am NOT someone who likes "revealed religion", ie Christianity, Islam... ones which TELL you what happened, and SHOW you what to be, and TELL you who to be... and all that.
  I believe in free-speech and free-will (Deism and Ouspensky), not being told what/who to be.

   Agnostics, Deists, Atheists, Buddhists, Wiccans, Pagans... yes.  But doctrines of life that tell you who you are/what you are/what you must do/where you will go DISGUST and SICKEN me.  I'm sorry to be so brutal but it's how I've grown up - to be me.  Anything that represses someone's self is just horrible.  I've spent 17 years of my life trying to just wake up and find me... and some people waste their lives on other peoples words.  And I truly mean WASTE.

 Please turn away if you're not an Atheist/Agnostic, or liberal in your beliefs.  Buddhists will probably not find this bad either.  Or Hindu's, as the ones I know are very tolerant of other beliefs.  (It's a very nice religion!  It causes less pain than Christianity has.  Hurrah for the commandments!  But too few follow them, methinks.)

  I believe that the universe is the creator... it contains all, sees all, IS all.  We are all made from the same molecules that make up everything else.  We all originated, molecularly, from the Big Bang, or whatever.
  So, we ARE the universe, in an infinitely SMALL scale.  We are all, together, God.

  You are God.  I am God.  Now, go out and fulfil yourselves.