Once upon a time, long, very long ago, in a far, far away MUD, the people were friendly and the rulers reigned with wisdom. But (since in every fairytale there is a but) one day a different person logged on. A person who annoyed everyone with his stupid ideas. A person who kept on improving the coders, while he himself had barely any coding knowledge. But then he made the ultimate mistake: he insulted the leaders publically. Of course, he was banned from the mud and once more, the mud we all know and love became a nice place to log onto.

But this tale isn't over yet, oh no it isn't ! The evil and wicked person had a friend, who wanted to see what the evil person was talking about. But each time this person, Scifaro, made plans to go to the mud, Superthin (the evil guy) talked about all the bad things that happened. But Scifaro wasn't stupid. She knew, that the ban was Superthin's fault, for she had secretly logged on to Nanvaent already and looked around. And although she has an almost identical charactar to Superthin, she had learned from Superthin's many mistakes and tried to keep her mouth shut as often as she could.

Do you think, that was a vague story ? Try this one: i'm male (irl) ! But anyway, i'm really a nice guy (ok, most of the time i am a nice guy ;). If you are in need of some help, i'll try and help. But don't expect too much, at the current rate at which i am advancing my levels i won't be lvl 20 before the year 2000 ;)

Ok, now the standard stuff:
I am 18 years old, I live in the Netherlands (should you want to bann me from your muds ;) and i am currently studying Technical Informatics. If you do log on to Nanvaent, be sure to ask what a Hoopje is ;). Or surf on to the Hoopje Homepage (

See ya,


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