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I have a web site! This is it. I have another web site somewhere else, which talks about me in all sorts of detail, and a third somewhere else again, which tells you absolutely nothing about me, but is deeply and profoundly surreal. Then as well as all that I have my personal domain, which hosts my photo archive and Sandman pages.

I can be found as astra on Cut and alice on Surfers. Sometimes. I don't log on to either all that often, 'tho I'm on Surfers more than Cut. I don't have a lot of time for it any more.

I only play one mud, and that's Nanvaent :) My chars are Astra (duh!), an addict cleric; Danny, a level 50ish bard, and Abigail, a level 20ish forester. I have plenty of crap newbies too (who doesn't?).

I've been on Nan on and off since about April 1995. I go through stages of playing for several hours a day, and stages of logging on once a week to read boards and chat. If you want to talk to me and I don't seem to have been on for a while, try sending me Nan mail, or even email.

mailing lists
I'm on about five mailing lists: the Wildhearts list, for fans of the Wildhearts; the ew list, for talker admins (not that I am one any more, but I might be again if Richard ever finishes newt; the uk-poly list, for polyamorous people in the UK (duh!); the uk-bi list (also duh!), and the icsf spam list, for members of the society to chat about random stuff. Very random stuff.

I actively participate in alt.polyamory and (also in ic.general), and mostly lurk in uk.people.gothic, comp.sys.acorn.*, alt.sysadmin.recovery, uk.people.sf-fans and You could do a dejanews search if you really wanted, but it's impossible to use these days.

other people's www
I like User Friendly :) This is London is useful for news and going out in london, and arcadia is a very bizarre gothic cartoon. I'd also like to recommend Temple Ov Thee Lemur.

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