Home of Aragorn

Aragorns home in Nanvaent is on the plateau that rises above the Valley to the north. Nestled at the foot of the mighty Mount Aragorn lies a magnificent castle surrounded by a massive battlement. West of the castle is the dry harsh plateau, and to the south and east sheer cliffs drop down into the Valley below.

A travelogue, or simply, how to get there

Starting off in Nanvaent Village, as most adventurers do these days, the fastest way to get started is to leave the village by the north gate. Then you have to follow the Northern Highway from the village north through Draemar Wood. Having survived the many perils of that dark forest road you will come to the foot of a mighty cliff where the road makes a turn. Pause here for a quick rest and behold the magestic waterfall that cascades over the cliff and thunders down into Draemar River.

Trekking on, the road seemingly leads you straight towards the sheer cliffs with no apparent means of scaling them. A bit closer to the mountains however, you notice that the cliff is not as solid as you first thought. The road leads you into a narrow canyon with sides so high they almost block out the sun. The mountain road continues up and into the canyon to the northwest but you should head for the small wooden cottage just off the side of the road. It is difficult to spot for a weary traveller, hidden behind some trees and its sides almost the same colour as the cliffs flanking it.

Here endeth the story for now, more to come...

Hm, this might look a lot better with a subjective angle and make it into a proper traveldescription...