Flirbles are otherwise known as Project F.
Project F was initiated at the demand of Nirvan.
He requested a MUD Tamagotchi. Something to keep the players amused.
And thus it began.

My previous attempted research into 'living and dying' NPCs came into play.
I began by starting work immediately on a Flirble Prototype.
The first working version (v1.2) had the gift of life and reproduction.
It attempted to handle genetics and souls via a strange behaviour system.
At 8835 bytes of code it represented the biggest leap so far.

Versions 1.3 and 1.4 came and went and version 1.5 was decided to be the limit of the prototyping.
It now stood at 16597 bytes large.

With the prototype finished and in 'working' order I returned to the designing board.
Whilst the reproduction and life code had been a wild success,
and the soul handling code had blossomed from terrible to good,
the genetics and behaviour code had been terrible,
the eating and cleaning capabilities were dire,
and there were many ideas still in my mind.

Flirbles The Next Generation (FTNG)
I sat down and designed seperately inheritable food, disease, cleaning and toy objects for flirbles.
Next came the design for a genetic and environmental system.
This is the current situation.

Next I need to re-create the flirbles.

The Saga Continues....

Using Flirbles.
Atm flirbles have the following commands :
flirble report - which tells you about a flirble
flirble souls - which tells you what souls a flirble knows
flirble mute - which tells the little sod to shut up

christen flirble - give your darling a new name
feed flirble - feed your baby
kill flirble - Yah get rid of the poor petal
clean flirble - Errr.. it gets cleaner

You can also do souls to your flirble and teach it to act
the way you want it to.
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