Imagine, if you will, a bunny.
Floppy, ears, big feet, liquid eyes, brimming with cuteness.


I didn't need to do that, t'was just a whim.

There's a rabbit see, and it hops into a butchers.
The rabbit hops up to the counter, and looks up at the butcher.
"Got and carrots?" asks the rabbit.
"No." says the butcher, "This is a butcher's.  We don't do carrots.  Hop off"
The rabbit looks down at its big feet, disheartened.  "Oh." he says... 
and hops off.

The next day, the rabbit hops back into the butchers.
He peers upwards, just sighting the butcher over the counter.  He looks
"Got any carrots?"  he asks again in that same pleading tone of voice.
The butcher looks down again, scowling.  
"No.  No carrots, shoo!  If you come back again, I'll nail your ears to 
that wall over there!" he jabs his finger over towards the far wall, irritated.

The poor rabbit sniffles, and hops away again, empty-pawed, its ears drooping.

Next day, he hops back again, smiling.  He looks up at the butcher; 
the butcher looks down at him.
"Got any nails?", he asks brightly.
The butcher blinks.  Once. 
"No! he yells, "No Nails!"
The rabbit looks up, smiling...

"Got any carrots?"

Had enough of rabbits? Try squirrels instead.

I am sane btw.


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