Nottingham July 1999

All the small pictures here are links to larger versions.
Sorry they are a bit fuzzy.... it's not the scanner or anything I'm just a crap photographer. I can't remember how hardly anyone is so mail me and I might fix em :-)



Wet Panda (on left)


Panda ?

Scary (left) random wet kid (right)

Do you think we got him?

Scary, ?, Panda.

? and ? inserting icecubes :-)

? with icecubes again.

Scary again and another random wet kid.

Panda chasing the little boys.... ho hum.

Panda (Oi look, they are cheating!)

Panda (Why do I have so many pics of this guy?)

?, ? and ? ... hope that clears it up

Tpg (... and I said to him 'Don't squirt me again or I'll punch ya right?!)


Elfie and Zifnab (in ectasy?)

Fang.... finally proof he is not human.

Elfie and Hens... how cute :)

Elfie and Hens

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