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Well this is the page of Hitchhiker the Creator. I have one area in the mud. It is called the Pearl Diver quest. It took me 6 weeks from start to finish, except for troubleshooting which will continue until the end of all humans or nanvaent, whichever comes first. The name hitchhiker doesn't come from the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, but it comes from the BMX freestyle trick named the hitchhiker.

I started playing nanvaent in February of 1998 cause of promptings of Hookooekoo, who said I would have fun. Since I had always wanted to create on a mud, I decided to have a go on it. Within the end of the school year and beginning of the next I made it to addict with my second char ever. My first died too often to keep around. My second char was a forester. The friendliest guild in nanvaent I'd say. With the help of a lot of players I was able to advance levels nicely. Only trouble I had was Drow warlocks like to kill me, and so did every PKer that was on. I eventually made it to level 90 and applied to be a tril creator. After a month of bugging a lord here and there I was able to be propmoted to Trial Creator by Lord of Coast--Papaya. After a few weeks of learning the code, I set out to make the area I had always wanted to on a mud. 4 weeks later it was done, and a little more pestering Ppaapaya, and I was able to put it in the game, and pro moted to full Creator.

Now I am working on a section I have called Horrdan Isle. It is a grasslands are for the most part. But the large Mt. Horrdan is near it 's center, and proves to be an island known for mountainous terrain. Off the beaten path you may find hidden visitors in the grasslands, that you may not want to venture towards, so beware. The little town of Horrdan, aptly named for the nearness to the mountain with the same name, is towards the northern end of the island, and isn't hard to find if you follow the paths throughout the island.