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Welcome, everyone, to my home away from home. Here's where all are welcome to kick back, relax, get to know me, and follow a few links. Enjoy! :)

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Personal data and my resume are available for the curious. :)

Nanvaent is a great MUD. Why not login to play or check out its web page? I'm always there as Ninjak, so come find me. :)

An abundance of useful computer information and software for various platforms resides on the c|net site.

If you're a science-fiction fan like I am, you'll likely enjoy The Dominion.

An Amiga user? Then get the latest news from these newsgroups:

Star Trek fans, enjoy some artwork from the "Master Series" card set here.

And for your web-searching needs, dive into Infoseek or Yahoo!.

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Thanks for stopping by! :)

Charles Damon Burrus