Dedicated to all of those who have been caught in the Magic web

Last year, just before the Easter break, a very good friend of mine came down to visit us at our house at Uni. I knew that he was a fairly dedicated player and asked him if he would teach me the basics.

I am never going fishing again because I know EXACTLY how fish feel now.

Crawly disclaimer I enjoy the game and have no regrets

Anyway, he first started me off showing me the different colours of mana and what they represented where upon I quickly sorted out my colour preferences. Black and Green seemed the most sensible, Red looked fun, Blue was ooooer and white was, well white really.

So I played my first game playing green against a green/red deck and got slaughtered. However I learnt a lot and in the second game I played the red/green deck against a tournament quality deck with the proviso that I wasn't killed of very quickly. Thats when I learnt to desire Dakkon Blackblade and Spirit Link

I have played a bit since then and have beaten my 'tutor' once in a fair game.

This bias towards the colours has changed little over the last year (not to mention 2000+ cards) although I am getting a little more adventurous when building my decks. Although I have only one regular opponent he is quite happy to put up type 1 and type 2 decks against me just to see how they work. My wife (yep, a married Magic player) is also a (un)willing opponent and she dispairs sometimes when I come swanning through the front door of our home with a bag bulging with those booster pack shapes or bundles of bought/traded cards.

The decks you can see here are some of the more successful decks I have played with. The sligh green deck is one of my favourites as it is so easy to play. Smash and Grab is also a fairly nice deck but would stand no chance in a type 1 game most of the time. Actually I did play it against a Green/White type 1 deck with Serra Angels and Icy Manipulators and more (slow though). Thats when I discovered Vanish, Steal Artifact and Control Magic were so much fun and that Red without Bolts was possible but not advisable. To this day I still only have 1 Lightning bolt!

Anyway, I am still looking for players who seem to be few and far between here in the north of Germany but if you are reading this page and live in or near Oldenburg then drop me a line at and we can see what we can work out.

Oh yeah, I am a collector as well as a struggling player so if you have excess cards you wish to trade/sell then mail me at the above address with the subject 'Magic Cards'