Yep, thats right, a Counter Hammer deck

Blue Mana

4 Control Magic

4 Steal Artifact

4 Counterspell

2 Undo

4 Vanishing

Red Mana

4 Fireball

4 Kaerveks Torch

4 Ball Lightning

4 Incinerate

2 Earthquake

2 Conquer

2 Mana Flare


2 Nevinyrrals Disk

1 Feldons Cane

Anvil Of Bogardan

Black Vise


10 Island

8 Mountains

2 Bottomless Vaults

2 Bottomless Vaults I hear you cry. Well yes actually. Fireball and Torch use colourless mana and Vaults were the only battery lands I had when I first built this deck so why not. Want to slip in a nasty shock and get life back, Drain Life your opponent with the black mana you get

2 Mana Flares make it awkward to play against this deck and results in mana burns all over the place so you have to be careful. I have actually played a game against Hydras and we had 5 flares in play. I won because I kept a Torch or Ball handy and a Control Magic and beat him to death with his own monsters. Worked against his Shivan Dragons too (Boy were they big)

Again this has weaknesses, without Bolts it is weak at the start but if you can hold out then you are going to be able to deliver some fairly spectacular fireworks as well as use your opponents creatures to defend against or attack with.

CBA to work out a side board. This is a recurring theme with my decks, you can always improve a deck in certain ways and its left up to you to shake out the bugs.

Ideas and cards always welcome.