This isn't actually a deck. Its more a theme which is


This page is where I reserve the right to ramble too!

The fastest mana in the game is, hands up who knows. Yep, Black Lotus and the Moxes. Well we mere mortals will only ever get those cards by luck, foul deed or if we have too much spare money lying around. So what do we do about it.

Choose your colour carefully. Black is well known for its fast mana, and red for its fast creatures and after round 2 greens mana curve can be dizzying to say the least. Blue and white don't need to be fast really as especially with blue you can make the opponent effectively hurt themselves or at least use what they have against them. Best thing that ever happened was cards that did damage on being forced out of a hand I reckon. Now who wants to give me 4 Guerilla tactics. I digress. White just heals up later and then freezes you up so you run out of cards. Of course these aren't the only themes to white decks but then what do I care, I don't really play white

If you are not to particular about what type of deck you are building, a red/green deck with Fireballs and Channels can be just the way to start your day. A green/black deck with Channels and Drain Life is also a possibility with Initiates of the Ebon Hand although the Initiates will certainly die when you use them that way, so what you're playing black aren't you?

Ok the title of this page suggests perhaps something specific and that is shuffling. What has this got to do with speed you ask. Well Natures Lore, Untamed Wilds and are 2 cards that mean you get extra land in your turn and you get a free shuffle as well. Makes the deck fast you ask. Not quite is the answer. Try black/green for a fast creature based deck. I will be adding to this page with the ideas I have and the deck itself when it arrives will become part of the sidebar as another link


If they are any good or funny then I may start a noticeboard so that people can share in them. Proper credit will be given of course