Sligh Horde

This is really really simple

1 Mana

4 Mtenda Lions

1 Brown Ouphe

1 Elvish Scout

1 Tarpan

1 Scavenger Folk

2 Mana

3 Unseen Walkers

3 Mana

3 Fyndhorn Elder

2 Killer Bees

4 Warthogs

4 Mana

4 Bull Elephants

2 Locust Swarm

1 Lhurgoyf

5 Mana

4 Panther Warriors

4 Thicket Basilisks

7 Mana

1 Gargantuan Gorilla

8 Mana

4 Scaled Wurms


1 Juju Bubble

2 Howling Mine

Icy Manipulator


8 Snowcovered Forests

12 Forest


Yep, thats it. This deck is really really easy to play and fairly cheap to put together too.

Obvious linksOk, Snowy Forest and the Gorilla. Only ever play King Kong when you are CERTAIN that your opponent is not packing Armageddon cos if that happens and you don't have land stocked you are stuffed matey. However 2 rounds of trampling from him and he is a game winner. Not to mention the creature removal he can do.

Forest Walker and all your other creatures. Any player playing Green will hate her. Her picture is great too.

Small amount of attack retrenchment using the scout, artifact trouble with the Icy, Ouphe, and the Scavenger and thats it. Really it.


Like all decks this has weak points. Direct damage will smoke you, however the big fireballs are going to be dropping on your creatures cos you are playing so many and you have lots and lots of creatures out of bolt range which always helps.

Land destruction. Well if its continuous then you are going to get stalled, however that sort of land destruction is not going to start until later in the game.

Armageddon. Its a nasty card but it hampers your opponent as much as you. Stock land if you know its coming and play them like hell. Summer Bloom and Gaia's Touch are a real boon in an all Green side board here.

Card denial. Well what can you do. Easy. Empty your hand, keep it empty and attack attack attack after all thats the idea of the deck

I have played this deck over and over and over. I love it cos I am able to play it at 6 am after 2 days of partying and it still works.


- Place where food is prepared. Make your own up but here are suggestions.

Regeneration and Lure for Thicket B. creature sweeper

Summer Bloom and Gaia's touch for that extra building potential after the world ends

Phyrexian Dreadnought - You can sac 2 Panther Warriors to get this monster Artifact out for a total cost of eek 11 mana which sounds bad but attack with them first sac them and cast the Dreadnought which means you have a 12/12 trampler ready to go. Safe Haven it if you get Wrathed or Swords'ed. It only needs a round in play to be deadly. Concordant Crossroads is just the thing for this in the side board. Coupled with King Kong its hmm, where are my Wraths of God

Get the deck shooting along really fast with Wordly tutor, Natures Lore, Untamed Wilds and Wild Growth for the steepest of steep Mana curves.

The list is endless...

Have fun with this one cos I have